Sankalpa Shakti

Sankalpa Shakti

Sankalpa Shakti is the intention of our soul, and shakti/the power to bring it into form.
Our Sanskaras/conditioning make us feel overwhelmed and we unknowingly block wisdom within.

Sankalpa Shakti can be activated, it helps us reach our higher potential unlocking the reservoir of energy within. Before engaging in any new tasks or new beginnings or any kind of transformational work, if we rekindle the Sankalpa Shakti it acts like fuel for the ride.

Join me on Lets welcome new year with 2 sets of 5 days Sankalpa /setting intention yoga sessions from
January 9th to January 13th
time: 7am to 8am.

And second set of 5 sessions
January 16th to January 20th
Time 7am to 8am

Cost for 1 set of 5 sessions $75

For 2 sets of 5 sessions $140

Booking essential

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