21 Days online meditation on ‘Gratitude and love’

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Hello, I am offering 21 days ‘Meditation on Gratitude and love’ online meditation sadhana/practice starting from January 9th 2017, we will start at 7pm for 21 days. As you know regular meditation practice has tremendous benefits. At the same time lot of people find it challenging to bring meditation in our day-to-day life. Science tells us we need at-least 21 days to form a habit, let’s join forces together to bring meditation bring meditation in daily life.
Every evening at 7pm Sydney time tune into Facebook page ‘Sunita Yoga & Meditation’ https://www.facebook.com/sunitapatilyoga/ where I will offer 10-15 min guided meditation on gratitude and love.
I think ‘Gratitude & love meditation sadhana’ works wonderfully for evening time.
If you have daily morning meditation practice this will be wonderful addition to y
our sadhana. If you are beginner this is wonderful way to start regular practice, and best part is you can do it from comfort of your home. Please join me on January 9th 2017 at 7pm Sydney time. Let’s meditate

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