Sanskrit ~ the language of Yoga


Saturday 8th August 10am-3pm

Idler’s Hill, North Narrabeen, Sydney

Sanskrit studies, a yummy lunch and a rather beautiful backdrop…

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The first word from Patañjali’s Yoga Sutra is ‘Atha’. This single word helps us understand what Yoga is. Atha can be loosely translated as ‘here or now’. Yoga is about being in the now. The beauty of Sanskrit language is that word and form are one and the same. When we pronounce Atha we use our inhalation: ‘aa’ and exhalation for the ‘tha’ sound. The only here or now that exists as reality is this breath. The breath before is past, the breath to come is future. Reality is Atha or now.

Sanskrit ~ the language of Yoga is full of treasures such as this. Sanskrit alphabet is believed to hold its own consciousness; pronunciation is said to tap into this consciousness. If you wish to deepen your understanding of Yoga philosophy through Sanskrit, this workshop will teach you:

  • The history and origins of Sanskrit

  • An introduction to the alphabet and numbers of Sanskrit

  • Why Sanskrit is relevant and important for modern yogis and teachers

  • How to confidently and correctly pronounce Sanskrit words and phrases

  • The art of chanting Sanskrit

  • Sanskrit asana and mudra meanings woven within the words

  • Common Sanskrit words used in Yoga

  • While the workshop is not formally recognised, hours can be counted as continuing education

If you are a teacher, student or thinking about Yoga teacher training this workshop is for you. We will keep the group intimate at 12 students. The setting is surrounded by nature… Idler’s Hill North Narrabeen. As part of this offering, a vegetarian lunch by Tara’s Table will be prepared to enjoy overlooking the lake. Sattva manifests itself as purity, knowledge and harmony. Sattvic food is freshly made - organic ingredients from The Beaches Market will be brought to the table to nourish body and mind.

This workshop is hosted by Tara D’cruz-Noble at Idler’s Hill with guest teacher Sunita Patil. To introduce you… Sunita is a yogini, teacher, writer, artist and coach. She offers comprehensiveYoga, Ayurveda and Meditation teachings with over 30 years of personal practic. Over the past 20 years she has taught 1000s of students worldwide with +15,000 hrs experience.

Sunita is renowned for her depth of understanding in the ancient language of Yoga and has taught Sanskrit to teachers translating the sophisticated aspects of philosophy that have been displaced in most of the contemporary Yoga practices. This is an opportunity to honour the roots of Yoga and its indigenous language.

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