Professional Bio

A yogi, teacher, writer, artist, and coach

Sunita Patil offers the most comprehensive yoga teachings and practices so people can realize the wisdom within—bringing true happiness, freedom and fulfilment to their lives.

Sunita has over a 35 years of experience in the personal practice of yoga, and over the past 25 years, she has taught 1,000s of students worldwide (Australia, USA and India).
Sunita has more than 15,000 hours of recorded yoga teaching experience.

She is renowned for her depth of understanding in the ancient language of yoga, Sanskrit, and has taught Sanskrit to yoga teachers (and teachers in training)—translating the more sophisticated aspects of yoga philosophy that have been displaced in most of the contemporary yoga practices of today.

Sunita has combined her study and practice of yoga philosophy, contemporizing its application for people’s lives. Her studies are vast and sophisticated, including;

  • Connector.


    From the Ambika yog Kuteer, BKS Iyengar institute.

  • Connector.


    With teacher Acharya Pandit Rasalji

  • Connector.


    Indian healing science at Nature Care College & With Dr Vasanta Lad

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    Vedas and Upanishadas

    At the University of Oxford

She sees a world where humanity promotes the love of wisdom, unity and creative expression—where people honor their heart’s callings and support each other’s individual expressions.

“Who you are and how you are on the inside, can be a choice you make.”Sunil Patil

Organizations she’s worked with include:


College of Law, Sydney


Sukhamukha Yoga


Nature Care College




Adore Yoga


Yoga Coach

Sunita is  Yoga Alliance ‘ERYT 500 Plus’ member